Bit Of Tweaking

Today I made these kidney bean burgers

I tasted the mixture and it was a bit bland so had to tweak it slightly.  I had a rumage in the cupboard and found some green pesto. Another hubby purchase, whole jar for 1tsp and never used again. So added 2 tablespoonfuls. But I do think if I had used coriander like the recipe states i wouldn’t have needed the pesto. So now I need to attempt to grow coriander again, I do have several packs of seeds so no excuse lol.

And the verdict……..

Except for my youngest (who doesn’t like very much at all) they were a hit. I will be making them again but will use coriander or if I have none maybe paprika.  But the good news is my youngest has agreed to try the burgers again so they couldn’t have been that bad 😀  An excellent result!


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